Southern Technical University

"ACM Global Workshop 2018 on e-governance, e-managements and e-services”, June, Basra, Iraq.

Basra eGovernment Conference

"Basra The Gateway To Iraq Internet” ,20-21 April 2018, Basra-Iraq.

ITIG Conference

"March 13th 2018.


e@iraq 2017

"e-Government….Smart Government”, 10th May 2017, Baghdad, Iraq.

ICT Basra 2017

"Iraq Telecoms: Basra The Smart Transit Hub Connecting the Region and the World ”, 27th-28th March 2017, Basra, Iraq.


Iraq Telecoms

"Connecting Basra with the Rest of Iraq & the Region”, Basra Oil and Gas infrastructures conference, 23rd-24th October 2016, Beirut, Lebanon.

ICT 2016 conference, Basra, Iraq

Reshaping Regional Telecommunication Sector


Basra Universities ICT Conference, 20th - 21st April 2015

Basra is the Heart of Iraq Telecom Infrastructures

3rd Iraq Telecom Conference5

FTTH/B is Becoming a Reality 22nd Feb 2015, Baghdad, Iraq.


Basra Energy and infrastructures conference

Infrastructure Tenders & Contracts: Investment Opportunities & Partnerships Istanbul, Turkey


Iraq Telecom Conference

Assessing Physical Infrastructure Requirements; Pioneering Partnership Models, Istanbul, Turkey

2nd e@iraq conference

CyberSecurity Policy Changes for Today's Threat Environment, Baghdad, Iraq April 2013.

Capacity Middle East

New Carrier Business Opportunities in Iraq: Examine the existing infrastructure and identifying where development is needed, Dubai, UAE, March 2013.


7th Iraq Telecoms Conference

Internet for All: Opportunities & Challenges, Istanbul, Turkey, November 2012.

e@iraq conference

Submarine Cable and Transit Strategy for Successful Enhancing Capacity Demand – Upgrading Existing Infrastructure Vs New Fiber, Baghdad, Iraq April 2012.

Broadband MEA Driving Sustainable Growth of Broadband in the MEA region

Regulatory Round Table: Driving competition while increasing innovation, Dubai, UAE, March 2012.

SMi 5th annual conference

OIL & GAS wireless communications & facilitating requirements and Systemic licensing challenges, SMi 5th annual conference on Oil and Gas Communications Understanding the importance of satcomm and telecommunication channels, London, UK, March 2012.

Capacity Middle East

measuring the pace of access infrastructure developlment in key middle east growth markets to meet demand for broadband, Dubai, UAE, February 2012


Telecoms World Iraq Conference

Positioning Iraq as a Transit Hub For International Traffic Through Fibre Investment, Dubai, UAE, October 2011

6th Iraq Telecoms

New Opportunities & Perspectives: Internet, broadband penetration, Istanbul, Turkey, October 2011.

6th Iraq Telecoms

Technology Progress: New Applications For The Iraqi Market: end-user real needs and impact on business and public services, Istanbul, Turkey, October 2011

Carriers World Europe

Restructuring business to cope with an increasingly competitive market, London, UK, September 2011


evaluating the role of eurasia as a bridge between europe, the middle east and asia, Istanbul, Turkey, September 2011.

Iraq FTTx

FTTx Deployments in Iraq: Creating a Brighter Future, Beirut, Lebanon, June 2011.


The FTTH Council Middle East

Case Study: Why Deploying FTTH in Iraq, Beirut, Lebanon, November 2010

5th Iraq telecom

Iraq's Telecoms Potential; Private Public Partnership & Government Policies, Istanbul, Turkey, October 2010.